By Magnus Xavier Fizzleworth

Wherein noted word fandangalizer Magnus Fizzleworth expounds on the growing public indulgence of indecency in general and in the exploits of Paris Hilton in particular.


That We are allowing our children and the dullards at large to indulge in the ubiquitous boobery of that most heinous of celebrity of base flesh and vicarious Indulgence is a shame both to ourselves and our venerable Monarch, staunch old Vicki–a cast-iron constitution matched only by a rump a real man would well go to war for.

I recall a time when ether was all a child needed to occupy himself and a picture of the Monarch to satisfy his lustful, sinful self-flagellation. Rule Britannia and pass me my pocket handkerchief, post haste!

A pox on this cult of doe-eyed adoration and its syphilitic proponent, a painted Babylonian whore who does nothing but disservice to her Class.

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