The streak’s still alive

By Lee Bogle and Sean Nyilassy

Saying the Dinos women’s hockey team started the New Year off on the wrong foot would be an understatement. More realistically, they tripped over their own blue line and came sliding into the New Year on their faces. Heading back into the hockey season with a dismal 0-9-1 record, they really needed to turn things around.

The Dinos met the NAIT Ooks for a quote-unquote home game Fri., Jan. 14 in the friendly neighbourhood of Bowness. Unfortunately the game didn’t quite go as planned, unless of course the plan was a 7-0 shutout for the Ooks.

The Dinos had a new goaltender in net, Courtney MacMurchy, who’s first game was perhaps not what she hoped, but the team knows they didn’t do their part Friday night.

This is the segment where we mentioned the Dinos that scored… on the ice.

“It was bad luck I guess,” ass-cap Andrea “Poupy” Poupart speculated. “None of the bounces went our way.”

Perhaps the saving grace and glimpse of hope for our ladies was their match against the SAIT Trojans Sat., Jan. 15. With the Trojans occupying the second spot in the prestigious ACAC’s standings, the Dinos had less than usual to hope for.

Luckily for them, some finesse goaltending from newbie and last hope of mankind (or at least the Dinos womanskind), MacMurchy and a goal from Allison Mansell almost brought a win. Almost.

“She seems to be fitting in well,” Poupy said of the new tender.

While a loss was still accrued for the Dinos, it was a less shameful loss than they’ve had in many a moon and to a stronger team nonetheless. The final tally yelled out 2-1 for the Trojans who slid their way into the goal once more than the Dinos.

With their record now at 0-11-1, Spring Break 2005–or Reading Break as “they” like to call it–is looking better for the girls. By that we mean playoff hopes are grim.

See you in Fernie!

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