Unkind engineers

By Ian Semmens

Editor, the Gauntlet,

On Wednesday Jan. 12 at one o’clock, my friends and I were enjoying our break by relaxing at a table near the Soup Link until we were rudely interrupted by a small group of engineers out on their annual golf trip. I normally try and ignore their antics, however this time rather than just generally being a nuisance and disrupting the flow of traffic, one member of the group decided the “green” lay right where the students were sitting and proceeded to attempt to hit a soccer ball in our general direction.

This in itself was generally an unwise decision considering the number of people in the area at the time, but after missing his shot, this individual decided to hurl his golf-club like instrument towards where we were sitting with enough force that when it hit the pillar right next to my head, it broke into a few pieces. A few inches to the right and anyone sitting in the area stood a good chance of getting the projectile right in the face.

Students have come to expect the engineers will make desperate attempts to grab attention and be general nuisances, but when the safety of other students is jeopardized, these individals have crossed the line. I would expect the wisdom and common sense of the Faculty of Engineering would address this problem for the safety of all university students.

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