The two that got away

By TanyAmanda

A ├é┬álesson well-learned before Valentine’s Day: When you want something so bad and try too hard to get it, you can end up with nothing. Just like that hottie in the third row, two games against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies got away from the Dinos men’s basketball team Feb. 4-5.

On Friday, the Dinos lost to the Huskies 85-79. The first half of the game saw both teams struggling to keep the lead. The Huskies came out on top at the break with a narrow 35-34 lead. Their continued defensive pressure helped them maintain their lead throughout the second half. During the final minutes of the game, the Dinos came close to closing the margin, hitting three times from beyond the arc. To their dismay, the Huskies converted six free throws to secure their victory.

Josh “feisty” Feist and Surinder “I surrender!” Grewal both contributed 15 points to the loss. Feist also had a game high 7 assists. Sandy Brar brought in 14 points and Jon Salgado lassoed 12.

According to Head Coach Dan VanHooren, “The energy and effort were there and we took it to them early.” He added that the men were “wanting it so bad and tried too hard”.

Saturday night was a repeat, with the Dinos losing 87-83. What was not repeated was the performance by point guard Rob Lovelace of the Huskies. Lovelace managed to accumulate two technical fouls in the first five minutes to have himself ejected from the game. Somebody needs to lay off the rage-ohol.

After having a slight 45-43 lead at the half, the Dinos once again saw themselves in a perpetual struggle to stay ahead. Their efforts, however, were once again thwarted by the Huskies.

Grewal bagged a game-high 28 points and Feist added another 20 points. Chris “long socks” Wright pulled down eight rebounds.

What you may ask is the Dinos favourite pastry? Apple turnovers. The Dinos managed to turn-over the ball an outstanding 52 times over the two games.

“We turned it over every possible way,” VanHooren said. “Thirty would have been reasonable.”

The Pilsbury Doughboy would be jealous.

The Dinos, Huskies, and University of Alberta Golden Bears are all (once again) tied for first in the Mountain Division. The Huskies and Bears are both traveling to the West Coast to play the Simon Fraser University Clan and Trinity Western University Spartans, while the Dinos are hosting the Brandon University Bobcats and University of Regina Cougars Feb. 11-12.

“I think we have the tougher opponents, but if the boys play hard and well, then it is in our control,” said VanHooren.

Having clinched a spot in the playoffs already, the boys shouldn’t lose any sleep. Come out and show your support in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium at 8 p.m. both nights.