Board of Governors: Mike Bosch

Bosch is the most qualified candidate for the BoG representative position this year, drawing his main strength from his work as the current SU VP External, particularly a network of political contacts and knowledge of the SU and the university.

While his time with the SU is a strength, it may also be a weakness. Bosch must divorce the SU’s political agenda from the true will of the students if he is to effectively serve students, a goal that must principally be achieved by more contact with students and less with the inner workings of the SU.

Bosch promises to use his network, his knowledge and strong arguments to sway fellow BoG members against the will of administration. He acknowledges that currently, the BoG is too submissive and admin’s goals are contrary to undergraduate interests. He plans to hold the board accountable for decisions, rather than acting as “a rubber stamp for admin.”

Bosch also wants to move tuition consultation meetings to a more reasonable time so students can attend and make their criticisms heard to the board.

With many more ideas outlined in his platform–among them making Dinos funding a priority before the board–it is not hard to see why Bosch would make an outstanding BoG rep.How will you effectively represent students and the SU to the general public?

“By providing good leadership and uniting the Students’ Union through that leadership.”

What is your strategy when approaching tuition?

“Working hard with the VP External and being very vocal on campus, aiming for a reduction of 50 per cent in the tuition hike.”

How will you effectively communicate with students?

“By setting good office hours, by being aware of student issues and being very active and visible on campus.”


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