By Darlene Seto

Update Tuesday March 8, 2005.
Campus Security is reporting the body of Michael Lewis was found in the Bow River on Monday March 7. Link to Campus Security.

Friday, February 4th. It seemed like a typical evening for University of Calgary master’s student Michael Charles Lewis. He attended a conference related to his studies in Political Science, held at the Mewata Armoury. However, Lewis has not been seen since Feb. 4.

The disappearance sparked increased attention and worry from faculty and students, as well as Lewis’ family and friends. Calgary Police are conducting an investigation into the disappearance, although they would not elaborate on the investigation’s nature or any details other than the continued absence of Lewis.

Christopher Northcott, a close friend of Lewis, is spearheading a search in Calgary.

“It’s a bit suspicious,” he confided, unease evident in his voice. “No one has seen or been in contact with Michael. It looks as if his apartment hasn’t been touched at all since Friday–the only thing that looks like it’s missing is the suit he wore out that night.”

Lewis had attended a Feb. 4 banquet dinner at the conference, held by the U of C’s Society of Military and Strategic Studies. Fellow attendees of the conference do not recall seeing him attend any of the lectures or events held the following day.

The most recent information involving Lewis are records showing a call made from his phone Sat., Feb. 5. The recipient of the call is unknown.

“It’s not like him to do this,” said mother Maria Lewis from her home in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, displaying remarkable control. “Michael is a responsible person–he’s serious and conservative. He wouldn’t take off without being in contact with someone at the very least.

“He’s been in Calgary since January 2004–he really liked it for the education and stimulation. He wanted to complete his thesis soon,” Mrs. Lewis continued, worry palpable despite a soft-spoken tone. “We just thought he was away for a bit.”

John Williamson first noticed his absence after Lewis failed to come by to watch the Superbowl. However, it was only after he failed to confirm arrangements to go skiing later that week and neglected meeting a friend who was to stay at his apartment when friends became worried.

Dr. James Keeley, a professor of Political Science at the U of C, called police last week about the situation.

“Some of the students around here had been getting worried,” admitted Keeley. “I did alert the police about the situation, but it is in their hands now. I really don’t have anything more to say about it.”

“We were alerted about [the case]. A missing person’s report was also filed,” confirmed a Calgary Police officer on Wednesday morning. “We are looking into it. I shall be transferring this to detectives in the General Investigatory Unit.”

Detective Ryan Dobson from the GIU confirmed efforts to find Lewis are underway and will continue.

Friends and family of Lewis are hoping Calgary police will be able to uncover information about what has occurred.

“Hopefully, with the police turning this into a full investigation, something will turn up,” said Northcott. “We just don’t know what happened.”

“There’s a lot of people worried about him,” said Graduate Student Representative of the Political Science Association, Bergis Mostaghim. “We’re all just wishing and praying for the best.”

Michael Charles Lewis is approximately 511, Caucasian, dark hair, and medium build. If you think you have any information involving this matter, please contact Detective Ryan Dobson at 284-3393.

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