Spun: Roses Are Red

By Jaime Burnet

Just because their cover art looks like a picture taken of a band member’s girlfriend with a disposable camera, doesn’t mean Roses Are Red sound like amateurs. On their Trustkill Records debut, the four boys prove they can sound as pretty and sensitive as their brooding stares promise.

The songs are all addressed to that infamous “you”, always off breaking musicians’ hearts and collectively appear to be on the same topic of that magically painful time following the demise of a relationship. But a melodic style similar to The Ataris, but made distinct by the incorporation of harder facets, a few well selected piano notes and some poetic lyrics, makes this band stand out a little better in a population of emotionally charged conversationalists. Even if they disguise their originality by naming themselves after one of the most clichéd phrases in the history of romance.

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