VP Academic: Mohamed El-Rafih

Mohamed El-Rafih’s greatest asset is his extreme confidence and belief in his ability to perform the position of VP Academic . Unfortunately, El-Rafih lacks the experience and professionalism required of the VP Academic. He has not had any prior academic experience on the SU, which does not necessarily make him entirely unqualified, but he clearly has not completed the research necessary to undertake this position.

A large part of El-Rafih’s platform is based on resolving the funding problems facing sessional staff but as VP Academic, he would have very little influence over the outcome of the issue. The remainder of his ideas appear vague and, although he wants to eliminate apathy on campus, he does not have an explicit plan enabling him to do so. Occasionally, he also appears not to regard the election seriously, describing his campaign as a yearly tradition and has handed in election materials late.

El-Rafih has run in the SU elections for the past three years without any success and if he intends to enter again next year, it would serve him better to contest the position in a more mature and calm matter.

‘”The biggest problem is the quality of education, as well as the problems with sessional staff.”

In which ways will you attempt to resolve these issues?

“Hopefully, we can get away from sessional staff and inspire profs to do a better job by losing sessionals. We should invest in new teachers and try to get profs to be more personal.”

How will you represent the needs and opinions of students?

“I’m into politics and selling myself to everyone. I continue and I push. Not just concerning academics, I always fight for what’s best.”