VP Academic: Paige Forsyth

Paige Forsyth is currently the representative for the Faculty of Humanties and this experience has introduced her to many academic committees, as well as the General Faculties Council.

In addition to having pertinent experience important to the VP Academic position, Forsyth comes across as focussed, driven and assured in implementing her campaign platforms. Included in her action plan is an SU-driven internship program, a committee of academic partnership between students, university administration and faculty members, as well as an academic round table conference aiming to raise the awareness of students and the public on issues facing post-secondary education. She also intends to create a free online exam bank, which could, however, have a negative effect, both financially and socially on SU clubs.

It should be considered Forsyth’s ideas may be too numerous and varied, which may subsequently hinder their complete implementation by the end of her term. However, Forsyth seems willing to make a genuine attempt to serve students as the VP Academic, although she may not be able to execute every idea in her action plan.

What are the biggest problems relevant to your position?

With budget constraints, they are forcing more students to have larger classroom sizes. It’s going to turn into the multiple choice type school. I also think upholding the academic rights of students is a really big thing.

In which ways will you attempt to resolve these issues?

If we actually work with the university, I think they’d understand our stance on things and I think we’d get a lot more done.

How do you intend to represent the needs and opinions of the student body?

“We really should make sure students are aware of their rights. As well, I think there needs to be a policy on accessibility.”


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