VP External: battle of the personalities

By Heather Moulton

Four Vice-President External candidates fought for their position on the Students’ Union Tue., Feb 8. Though all candidates had strong reasons for their election, there was a larger sense of competition between two of the candidates.

Both Jennifer Smith and Jesse Chahal are currently External Commissioners, and they are fighting hard for the one VP spot.

One highlight during audience question period was a question dealing with “in fighting” within the SU. Both candidates dealt with the question in stride.

“I respect differences,” stated Chahal. “My skills to work with others puts me above my counterparts up here.”

“I am respectful of different opinions,” rebutted Smith.

The other two candidates, Jeromy Farcus and Dan Monson, brought assets to the debate as well.

“I want to fight for a tuition freeze,” said Monson. “It’s imperative that our tuition doesn’t go up.”

Farcus also lobbied for funding throughout the debate.

“I think it’s really important to get more funding from the provincial government,” he said.

For the majority of the hour, candidates were grilled by Vice-President Operations and Finance Greg Clayton about all sorts of issues that the VP External deals with, such as funding, student loans, political involvement and other non-academic issues.