VP External: Daniel Monzon

Dan Monzon is a fairly well researched, sincere and passionate candidate for VP External. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough experience or knowledge about the workings and function of the SU to get his extensive ideas realized.

In his platform, Monzon identifies a huge number of optimistic ideas, but lacks the plans to implement them. Among other things, Monzon hopes to increase the university’s base operating grant, reform student loans, freeze tuition and use the CASA and CAUS lobby groups to their fullest potential. Any one of these would be great accomplishments for any VP External, but perhaps too optimistic for Monzon’s current experience level.

Stepping away from his competitors, Monzon’s platform emphasizes student financial support with its call for student loan reforms and increased awards rather than lobbying. This may appeal to a certain element, but it ignores some of the major challenges facing PSE.

Monzon is very sincere with a genuine desire to do a great job as VP External. He was fairly well researched in the SU, but he didn’t know about the $1 million in quality money the SU fought for this year or what the Senate was. Prior experience in the SU could have given him this knowledge. Monzon’s suggestion for offering SU surpluses to the university is naieve when the university is currently offering the SU a similar amount for quality initiatives.

All things considered, with some help and quick learning, Monzon could be a good VP External, but his lack of experience compared to his opponents is a strong disadvantage.

Ideally, what needs to be on Bill 1?

“Bill 1 is a push forward but more needs to be done. I think that tuition should be lowered–that’s my main focus. Bill 1 should also include more accessibility for low-income families.”

How will you work with university administration to solve student issues and concerns?

“I’ll meet with administration on a weekly basis. The SU has a surplus budget of $1.6 million, lets put some of the surplus money where the administration thinks it’s a better fit.”

How will you utilize your commission?

“I’ll work with them as closely as possible, and use all of there ideas–no idea is dumb.”


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