Support Dinos

By Wayne Thomas

Editor the Gauntlet,

The referendum vote, which two weeks ago gave increased student financial support to the Dinos Athletic Programs, was a positive step for the whole campus. Most assuredly, the teams “on the bubble” are most appreciative of the student support, and they can continue to compete for U of C.

All of the Dinos athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, and other support staff and volunteers are, by necessity, augmenting this support by spending their own money and time to ensure the quality of the athletic experience.

For the average U of C student, many of whom did not support the call for assistance, but who will still be paying the fees, the presence of a viable athletic program can be a great source of enrichment in their campus experience.

Here are a few ways Dinos Athletics can make your life as a U of C student more fun: Last weekend, hundreds went out to ‘The Jack’ to cheer on the best Women’s Volleyball team in Canada (CIS champs in 2004) as they went for their second straight Canada West and National Title; Get rowdy at a semi-final hockey game as the Dinos try to beat the Golden Bears in Edmonton this weekend; Organize tail-gate parties for all of next fall’s Dino Football Games…parades, signs, music… no holds barred!; pack the two end bleachers at home basketball games next season… get a “North End” and a “South End” competition going. Team t-shirts, crazy signs, face/body paint, singing, baiting of opponents and officials…what more fun can you have?; Get involved as a student volunteer at a Dinos Event… it could be the start of a bright career, or just a chance to get out and be part of the action.

Regular season games are free for students. Take advantage and enjoy your own party atmosphere.

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