The League of Innappropriate Super People

By Kyle Francis

A forward by the creators

We live in perilous times, dear readers. Maniacs are in positions of power, television produces mountains of reeking drek and the last of the great discoteques have been swallowed by the vengeful Earth. In such times we can only look to men greater than ourselves, to the upper eschalons of power where the most potent of potentates dwell.

Unfortunately, finding them slit open by tracheotamies and bowed by scandal, we must turn our eyes to the raked muck we slosh through every day. We can turn only to: The League of Inappropriate Super People.-kubik

The League started when a friend told Jeff and I a story about a policeman coming to his school. The cop told the tale of how a gangster, high on pcp, was able to punch holes through an oak door and overpower several police.

If super-strength is supposed to be some kind of deterrent against doing drugs, then kids really have changed. A police officer effectively promoting drugs to a junior high may disturb some, but we thought it was funny as hell, so we did what only we would: made a comic about it.-francis

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