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By Jhyl Loughlin

I’m sure you’ve had letters pouring in about the naked woman on page 5. Although I understand other arguments (for example there is not an r (or xxx) rating for your newspaper), I do not think having a naked woman in the newspaper is inherently wrong.

My problem is not with the picture. My problem is that the article that accompanies it does not even bother to mention what exactly her performance was even about. It does not delve into the interesting fact that she is a smart (maybe even brilliant) woman who chooses to perform naked. It does not address why people are offended by seeing a naked woman. It does not even address sexual awareness. No stats. No tips. No context. No content.

If you want to trying something daring, then I support you. Instead of taking an obviously controversial article and making it into smoothing inspiring, you took it and shat all over it. You belittled this woman (and women), you took a potentially mind-opening story, and twisted it into a frat-boy spread of T & A.

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