Time and again

By Chris Palmer

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I must express my concerns over the offensive and degrading photograph published in the Mar. 3 issue of the Gauntlet on page five.

It is incomprehensible that this sexually explicit photograph would be considered appropriate by the editorial staff of this university paper. It speaks to the morally corrupt character and mindset of the Gauntlet staff. Time and time again this publication has chosen to feature demeaning advertising and articles toward women.

As a student I am concerned that my student levies have gone to support this publication. I am livid at the objectification of women in the article and disheartened that this university supports and sponsors such degrading, and sexually exploitative images.

I had hoped that with the President’s Advisory Committee on Sexual Harassment and the President’s Advisory Committee and the Status of Women, our generation was beginning to make some significant inroads in this area. It is very discouraging to see that so little has been accomplished.

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