Empowerment and feminism

By Darlene Seto

“A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.”

It is with forthright words such as these that have kept celebrated author and journalist Gloria Steinem at the forefront of the women’s rights movement. Steinem will be in Calgary Thu., Apr. 7 as the first lecturer in the Voices of Women speaker series fundraiser.

Her appearance, sponsored by the CBCA Sexual Wellness and Reproductive Centre, is generating excitement both on campus and off.

“We’re all thrilled,” said CBCA Communications Representative Ashley Wilford. “She represents a lot of qualities the [centre] tries to promote, such as empowerment and equality.”

Steinem has been a major feminist leader since the late 1960s. She co-founded and was editor of Ms. Magazine, the first national women’s magazine run by women in the U.S. A leading spokesperson in the feminist movement, Steinem helped shape debate over women’s enfranchisement and encourage many women to fight for their rights.

The CBCA Sexual and Re- productive Wellness Centre is a pro-choice outreach agency in Calgary which offers counseling and education.

“This centre works with the community to help women make informed choices and to promote sexual well-being,” said Wilford. “What Gloria Steinem will be speaking on is her own journey of empowerment and feminism in our culture today. It’s going to be a wonderful event.”

All funds from the event will go to the CBCA-run Youth Peer Education Program which assists extensive counseling, tolerance and awareness programs in junior high and high schools.

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