Bring on the briefs

By Chris Tait

Long lost literature

The University of Calgary is in a kind of temporal-coolness limbo. Our Info Commons computers are new, but not sexy-new. Most of our buildings are old, but not old enough to be cool. Well now the Departments of English and Drama have made new findings regarding a 300-year-old play manuscript. The play was an enigma until recently because of its missing title page and unknown author, despite the work residing in the library’s special collections since the 1970s. Sat., Apr. 9 will mark the first public performance of the work in centuries as it’s featured at a one-day scholarly symposium from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. $10 registration. More info via 220-8177 or

Bloody Keeners

The President’s Challenge is wrapping up, and Harvey will announce the winners Thu., Apr. 5. The challenge was conceived in 1994 to encourage students to imagine ways to improve the U of C experience. Previous winning ideas were sexual harassment education, a locker assignment system and online scholarships. First place gets one lucky student one semester paid off (up to five half-credits or cash equivalent). Second earns $500 in gift certificates at the bookstore or one year free parking in the Art Parkade. Third gets $200 for the bookstore.

How we really learn at university

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, a prominent lesson as one of the U of C’s greatest lecture series is soon wrapping up for the year. The Big Rock University presents “My Life on the Frontier” with Big Rock Beer founder Ed McNally on Wed., Apr. 6. The $30 ticket gets you drinks at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m., and a follow-up interview with political science professors Barry Cooper and Holger Herwig at 8:15. It’ll be the best class you never took. The last lecture raised a ton of money for U of C undergrad scholarships.

Real celebrities show their stuff!

No, Paris Hilton will not be showing off her goods on campus, but a few music students at the U of C Celebrity Series will. Besting 20 others, four students working towards their performance degrees have earned the right to perform with the U of C orchestra. Soprano Sherrie Ashworth, pianist Daniel Fung, 17-year-old flautist Nadia Sparrow and violinist Tao Yan were the lucky few selected. The concert happens Apr. 8-9 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25, $18 for students and seniors at Ticketmaster.

Architecture grads evolve

Charles Darwin would approve. The Faculty of Environmental Design presents “Evolve,” the Master of Architecture Graduating Exhibition. The exhibition will take place Apr. 1-7 at the Nickel Arts Museum, with an opening reception Fri., Apr. 1 from 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Sustain this

Learn how to put the “you” back in “international ecological unity.” The Faculty of Environmental Design, Creativity =20= and Innovation in the Arts present “Personal and Planetary Sustainability,” with Resurgence Magazine Editor Satish Kumar Tue., Apr. 19 at 7:00 p.m. The lecture will take place in the University Club on the fourth floor of MacEwan Student Centre.

You won’t go home with your hard-on.

The Jewish Studies Research Group presents a lecture about the Golden Voice’s golden pages entitled “Judaism, Asceticism, and Sensualism in the Novels of Leonard Cohen.” The lecture, with speaker Mark Migotti of the Department of Philosophy, happens in the Nickel Arts Museum on Wed., Apr. 6 at noon. For more info 220-4661 or

CJSW close to operating agreement uh, again

Well, it’s happened repeatedly, but both the SU and CJSW are confident about the success of operating agreement negotiations. The result will materialize Tue., Apr 6. CJSW has been slated to move into new space on the third floor of MacEwan Student Centre since 1995. This could finally be it, but don’t hold your breath…

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