Spun: Color Wall

By Rachel Betts-Wilmott

Whenever a new diet soft drink is released, you hope for your thirst to be quenched and some semblance of the original flavour, but you hope it won’t have the horrible sickly aspartame after-taste. Usually you’re dissatisfied and you’re still thirsty afterwards. Rarely are you pleasantly surprised.

Color Wall’s new album The View From Above is a refreshing surprise. It’s an alt-rock album, not a Pepsi product, but the same general rules apply. You get tasty, not icky-sweet lyrics with refreshing guitars, as well as a nice burst of energy.

With this, their first full-length release, Color Wall has picked up a slightly more pop sound, while maintaining a more indie, head-swaying sound on a few tracks. The View does have its highs and lows, as well as some variation in style, but this just serves to make the songs distinct from one another.

There is a quiet, aurally pleasing approach taken by Color Wall branding their music as their own. This method provides delicate songs as well as faster paced tracks, lending The View From Above the ability to stand up to multiple listens.

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