Spun: Falconhawk

By Garth Paulson

Things can be difficult for a band when trying to adopt a more serious attitude. They may be forced to realize the lack of anything significant to say and the risk of alienating fans of their lighter material, or, at the least, the band might embarrass themselves greatly. Then there are those who actually make it work. Fortunately, local indie-darlings Falconhawk on their latest release, Here’s your Ghost, does just that.

Although unfair to call Ghost’s predecessor, Hotmouth, a fluff affair, the blissfully danceable beats and ironic smirk plastered all over the album pegged it as more party mix than a serious album. Things are different on Here’s your Ghost, which finds Kara Keith swimming in deeper waters and the band taking a more understated approach. The synths still buzz with reckless abandon, the bass still forces heads to bob and the bombastic drumming still kicks up a storm. But with a more subtle and restrained approach, the music allows Keith’s sombre lyrics to sink in.

Clocking in at just over 27 minutes, the album exists in the grey space between an EP and a true full-length. Admittedly, its sparse length leaves little room for downtime or filler, but it does leave you wishing for more of the band in their new mood.

Regardless, Here’s your Ghost excels from start to finish, demonstrating an obviously maturing band becoming more comfortable with their song writing prowess. The album illustrates an important step in any band’s evolution. Falconhawk makes the transition from just a fun band to a serious band without skipping a beat or embarrassing themselves.

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