Spun: Ghosts of Modern Man

By Paul Jarvey

The City of No Light is a diesel powered prairie cocktail buzzing with a mixture of energy and anger. Intense, Ghosts of Modern Man integrates a hint of distinctly Canadian folk rock with driving drums, throbbing guitar riffs and the violent release of energy bands like Moneen and Hot Snakes are renowned for.

While the long awaited album is distinctly plaintive, expressing a fair bit of fury with only a few hopeful moments, there’s nothing angsty about melting the faces off your fans with a vague Saskatchewan accented scream.

Emotional, the songs are unsettling. The odd sample of reversed small town newscasts and faint church choirs are integrated surprisingly well. It puts the album beyond the realm of angst and alcohol induced post-punk and into good, even insightful music.


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