Identity crisis

By Matt Solberg

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “A sour relationship,” Mar. 17, 2005,

Well, if we want to brag about our “environmental protections,” and Mexico’s lack of them, we should be forthcoming and mention that according to the UN, we pollute more. By pollution, I mean carbon emissions, CO2, the crap that Kyoto will magically get rid of. According to the UN, Canada pumps out almost five times more ton per capita of carbon emissions than Mexico, and over 50 million tons more in total than Mexico. So before we go beating our own drum on the issue, let’s take a step back and look at just how well we have spent our billions so far.

Also, on another note, it’s pretty sad that for many, the only way to describe what it is to be Canadian, is that “we are not American.” To claim that Canada would be “unique” to distance ourselves from Americans is simply untrue. If we want to be unique, why don’t we actually look at the issues before simply rejecting them on the principle of “not wanting to be American.” For many at the Gauntlet, that would be a unique action.


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