Holocaust not for abuse

By Nyall Engfield

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “The choice vs. life debate,” Apr. 7, 2005,

I agree with Emily Senger, that the Holocaust should not be bootstrapped to various causes in order to give them shock appeal and gain attention. This trivializes the suffering and death of many millions of Jews, Poles and others, something that everyone– even those who can’t agree on abortion or vegetarianism–believes is wrong.

Adam Ramsay characterizes the most insidious abuse of the Holocaust by paying it lip-service (he was “aghast”), and then, being moved by the argument, goes on to justify this comparison.

Incidentally, the annual grain harvest in the United States results in the untimely “murder” of 1.2 billion (or thereabouts) small animals. So it seems that it is the overpopulation of humanity, and not its dietary choices, that results in the destruction of animals. (Source: http://www.wildlifedamagecontrol.com/animalrights/leastharm.htm)


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