Music Interview: Dudesseriously…

By Paul Jarvey

The Dudes are ready to burn a crater into the U of C’s campus with an off the hook show during BSD.

“We’re going to make it a dance party to remember. An excuse to get loose,” says Bob, guitarist and inventor-in-residence for the Dudes. After a year which included everything from a drug charge in Ontario to their legendary live shows, they’re ready for one more.

“We’re suckers for giving the audience what they want. And more than they want,” continues Pat Downing, bassist for the group and counterpoint to vocalist Dan Vachon’s raw power and unique style. “We like to rock lunch to a couple thousand sauced up undergrads. They’re hardcore man and they want us out!”

Veterans of the local music scene, the band is rapidly gaining popularity and recognition across the country. After being chosen along with three other Alberta bands and flown to Toronto “like rockstars” to perform during Canadian Music Week, The Dudes rapidly found their own place in the national music industry. Rumor have the band up for consideration for one of Scotland’s future Glastonbury Festivals.

“We consider ourselves the feeding tube to the music industry,” says Pat. “Nickleback is Terry Shiavo and we are the feeding tube. We want to be pulled out.” While his implication is unclear, there’s definitely something to be said for enthusiasm. “Take that to the bank!”

The band’s new full length release, Brain Heart Guitar, is out of the studio and due for release within the next few months, featuring guest appearances from local talents Chris Vale and Lisa Lobsinger, formerly of the Reverie Sound Review. “It’s a solid album,” says Scott Ross, drummer for the quintet. “And long,” adds Dan. “You won’t be disappointed.” Judging by the wicked melodic rock the band pumps into the local scene, not to mention the stir created by their last release, Beepuncher, there’s reason to expect Brain Heart Guitar will rock at least as hard.

It doesn’t stop there. The band’s ambitions are high and, from the sound of it, they can taste a future in rock ‘n’ roll for the longterm. “We’ve heard that when it hits man, boy does it run,” continues Downing. “We’re in the lull before the storm and we’re about to take off. Just like Ashley Simpson. I can not imagine being on that wild ride. That’s why were taking it easy, we don’t want to be swept up in that, on Saturday Night Live, cameras in our face, eating brunches all the time…”

At the very least, expect a show that won’t be easily lived down. According to Pat, Bob constructed props requiring clearance from air traffic authorities, so the band doesn’t “fuck a fucking jet right out of the fucking sky.” It’ll be one to compare to an infamous BSD of years past when members of the band gave’er with ex-Flame Sandy McCarthy at The Den. “We don’t quit. That’s why they call us The Dudes and not the Crybabies.”

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