Spun: The Ditty Bops

By Nathan Atnikov

The greatest commodity in all of music right now is originality, something which the Ditty Bops self-titled album has no shortage of. One of the most refreshing releases in recent memory, the Bops fuse kitsch-country with folk while mixing in elements of ragtime on their se;f-titled debut.

The first half of the album plants its roots firmly in the music of a couple of generations ago, but modern elements slowly and subtly blend in as the album goes on, preventing it from growing stale. The Ditty Bops are also as charming lyrically as they are musically, hiding sharp wit and commentary behind beautiful melodies, such as on Wishful Thinking; “Why can’t little kids tie their shoes? / And why can’t the white people play the blues?”

Even if you don’t love this album, it’s worth listening to just to remind yourself not all music has to sound the same.

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