Spun: Caesars

By Josh LaVoie

The Caesar’s Paper Tigers is a perfect example of ’60s revivalism. Self branded as a mixture between psychedelic and garage rock, the band jumps into the same niche held by other retro-rock bands as the Hives and the (International) Noise Conspiracy. Very rarely do these retro connoisseurs achieve such accuracy in their recreation of a decade of music while appealing to the modern listeners.

Paper Tigers’ long lost hits are incredibly infectious and well layered pieces of ’60s steeped gold. The organ driven indie tunes are well accentuated with classic ’60s distorted guitars and vocal harmonies. If the Beatles had not come to a tragic end they’d sound something like this.

As Apple has proven with their liberal use of the track “Jerk it Out” in their iPod commercials this is a very accessible album which lovers of ’60s rock and modern indie cannot afford to miss.

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