Spun: Jann Arden

By Richard Freeman

Adult contemporary fans rejoice for Jann Arden has released yet another album for people who can’t admit that they don’t actually like music. Arden’s latest self titled release is an insanely repetitive affair, while its stifling production renders it as bland as water. The first half of the album quietly slips by before you notice you have been listening to six different tracks. Only the slightly slower “Life is Sweet” and slightly faster “Rock this Girl” barley manage to wriggle out of the hands of a producer hell bent on making one track over and over. Six of the albums 12 songs are even the exact same length give or take a few seconds.

The vocals are inoffensive and soothing as Arden croons meaningless drivel such as “Love took my life/ Love killed my dreams/…life is bleak .” Perhaps these lines refer to the album’s inspiration, or lack thereof.

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