Angry in spandex

Finally, someone who shares my sentiments on the current and sudden state of Calgary bike bashing! I’m sick of hearingabout little innocent children getting mowed down by big mean cyclists.

I commute everyday to work through sunshine, rain, and yes, snow (shame on you fair weather riders). I’ve been riding for years and have never hit a pedestrian.

However, a few cars driven by idiots on cell phones or putting on makeup have hit me. I’ve even cracked my front teeth because some parents couldn’t control their kid while on the pathway. Reminder to all cyclists: using your mouth to break a fall is ill advised.

Sure I speed on the pathway, but who doesn’t? A five year old on a tricycle can ride faster than 20 km-h. And surely I can plead contributory negligence. Just look at the joggers who take up the entire pathway (yes, I’m talking to you Running Room freaks). Or parents, with those tanks they call baby strollers that have to walk on the yellow line. And do not get me started on the Lululemon rollerblading crowd.

I put up with the drivers who flip me the bird because they think they own the road. I can also deal with those who think its funny to tailgate me in their gas guzzling SUVs because I wear revealing tights.

But enough is enough. If the city is going to have nine roaming radar units protecting the innocent pedestrians on the pathway system just waiting to hand out tickets then I have the perfect solution.

For as long as this stupid “crack down” is in effect, Memorial Drive East of 10th Street will be down to one lane sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. and 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. I will be taking up an entire lane of rush hour traffic on my way to and from work to ensure the safety of the pedestrians on the pathway system.

Commuters can pass me, honk at me, swear at me, and even throw their morning coffees at me but I will not give up my right to use the roadways as the city has effectively removed my right to use the pathway system.

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