Spun: Driveway

By Nathan Atnikov

The Canadian alt-country scene has been expanding rapidly over the last few years thanks to the likes of Kathleen Edwards, Matt Mays, and most recently, Driveway. It would be an overstatement to say anything on Driveway’s self-titled debut was particularly outside the box, but they do make themselves very comfortable within the confines of this highly populated enclosure.

Lead singer Jason Taylor channels Ryan Adams throughout a great deal of the disc, most notably on “Unlucky Man,” a decent little alt-country tune leaning decidedly towards the ‘country’ rather than the ‘alt.’ The best track on the album is the vaguely gospel-infused “Angels,” which succeeds in spite of some of the most trite lyrics in recent memory.

As the album goes on, it starts to become obvious Driveway sticks very closely to a formula they are comfortable with. Taylor’s vocals are very similar throughout, and many of the songs are built around the same basic beat, making Driveway a tedious affair by the end of its ten tracks. Still, Driveway is a promising band, but they would benefit from a few changes of pace.

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