Spun: Supagroup

By Trenton Shaw

Get ready for Supagroup because their album, Rules, is 11 songs of bitch-ass hair-metal with cover art resembling a sloppy kung-fu movie montage. Still, the title of Supagroup’s album is somewhat deceptive, unlike the bass player’s handlebar moustache, the album does not rule–though it does rock pretty hard.

On Rules Supagroup have mastered the art of ’80s rock. They have chops, but sadly they aren’t in the same league as the bands they so desperately try to imitate. “It Takes Balls” is pure AC/DC, grappling with some of the tougher issues of being a rock star like parental disapproval, “It takes balls/When your mama ain’t proud.” The band’s ego’s gets ahead of themselves on “Rough Edge” when singer Chris Lee cries, “And when I’m dead and gone they’ll all still want to fuck me.” Really, does anybody even want to have sex with Supagroup? Well, maybe the hunky bass player and his handlebar moustache.

There are three things setting this band apart from ’80s rock bands: they are two decades late, they have less talent, and to them it’s all a big joke. The latter of this list is the only redeeming quality of the album–Supagroup knows ’80s rock is stupid crap, but they don’t care. And who, in their heart, doesn’t have a soft spot for rockin’ tunes about getting drunk, having balls, beating up midgets and having sex with goats? Maybe Supagroup’s moms, but they’re not cool anyway.

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