Can’t be gold without goals

By Lindsay Gerstmar and Andrea Poupart

Things didn’t seem to be clicking on another weekend for the Dinos women’s hockey team. The Dinos were at Red Deer College facing off against the Queens Thu., Oct. 27, returning home for a rematch Sat., Oct. 29.

The Dinos got off to a slow start Thursday and, after giving the Queens a few power-play goals, they were down by three heading into the third. However, the Dinos weren’t about to roll over and die, waking up in the last period.

Beth Nerland scored early followed by a goal from Christina DeSouza. It looked like the Dinos were coming back. But shortly after, the Queens’ strong power-play produced results again. With an empty-net goal at the end of the game, the Queens came out on top 5-2.

At the Olympic Oval on Saturday night the Queens got a head start with a goal in the first period. The second looked better for the Dinos, and, with a lot of hard battles, they kept the Queens scoreless while creating a few good chances. Red Deer finally got through the Dinos’ defense in the beginning of the third period and widened their lead with a power-play goal.

Rookie goalie Katie Urness had 34 shots against, making the Queens work hard for their goals.

Since all teams make the playoffs this year, Head Coach Dean Holden isn’t too worried about the Red Deer sweep on the weekend.

“We are improving on individual skills right now and we are looking to peak in February, just in time for the playoffs,” he said.

And, though no one likes losing, the Dinos aren’t getting discouraged. With their never-quit attitude and highly committed players, the Dinos should see some results soon.

The ladies take on the SAIT Trojans Sat., Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at the Olympic Oval after a Fri., Nov. 4 game in the Trojans’ home.