Spun: Sarah Harmer

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Canadian country music is usually thought of as bland and dull, maybe because it’s filled with bland and dull Canadiana. Thanks to artists like Corb Lund and Sarah Harmer, Canadian country music is getting a bit of a kick. The latter’s latest album, I’m A Mountain, is delightfully country, bluegrassy and Canadian as well, with… Continue reading Spun: Sarah Harmer

Shiver me tinsel

By Jon Roe

Nothing says have a yo-ho-ho happy holiday like a few good men in striped shirts. This year to celebrate the spirit of the holidays, Alberta Theatre Projects has decided to put on a classic Christmas tale, Treasure Island, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. That’s right, instead of fat ol’ St. Nick bringing… Continue reading Shiver me tinsel

Theatre Preview: Whoring good theatre

By Kyle Francis

Everyone loves an asshole. Infamous, though often glossed over because of their bawdy nature, the writings of John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester, are sometimes credited as the earliest incarnations of pornography. Just as Larry Flint probably won’t be remembered with fawning adoration, the boozing, whoring Rochester isn’t a popular historical figure, awesome though… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Whoring good theatre

Comedy Preview: Russell Peters won’t a hurt you real bad

By Alan Cho

Among the promises to enlarge your penis and offers for limited edition Hungarian stamps sure to enlarge your penis, you may have heard, “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” Forwarded to you by a co-worker or sent in an IM littered with so many “LOLs” you become a suspected pedophile, this snippet of hilarity… Continue reading Comedy Preview: Russell Peters won’t a hurt you real bad

Theatre Preview: Durang! fun for the difficulty offended

By Sherri Shergill

You think there are people watching you, following you and talking about you. You’ve also considered everyone from the Pope, to George Bush and the DMV clerk are trying to sabotage your chances at happiness. If the above describes you in any way and you’ve had enough of aging conservative white men holding all the… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Durang! fun for the difficulty offended

Dance Preview: A montage of reasons to dance

By Hoang-Mai Hong

It’s no secret the average non-dancing person will usually cringe at the mention of a dance show. Maybe intimidation has something to do with this reaction. Dance combines athleticism and art, both hefty words–especially with the art–the average non-dancing person might be afraid of not understanding what they’re seeing or being able to appreciate dance… Continue reading Dance Preview: A montage of reasons to dance

Dinos feeling fuzzy after bamboozling

By Sean Nyilassy

Oh the pain and agony! The evil mutated University of Alberta Pandas have shot the Dinos women’s volleyball team through the heart. The visiting Pandas downed our previously undefeated Dinos twice Nov. 18-19. “We needed to make a lot less attack errors,” Head Coach Kevin Boyles admitted of the losses.Friday’s first set went on and… Continue reading Dinos feeling fuzzy after bamboozling

Two nails in the coffin

By Lindsay Gerstmar and Andrea Poupart

After a weekend off from competition, our Dinos women’s hockey team felt well rested and prepared for a weekend fight against their Calgary rivals, the Mount Royal College Cougars, Nov. 18-19.However, much like previous games this season, the Dinos were unable to put forth their best effort in their first of two games, convincingly losing… Continue reading Two nails in the coffin

Ballers split

By Samantha Attaway

The old adage “you win some, you lose some” vindicated itself yet again in the Dinos men’s basketball team’s play Nov. 18-19. Travelling to the University of Manitoba and playing the Bisons before a crowd of about 100 (hey, it is Manitoba), the Dinos proved they are worth every penny by starting the weekend off… Continue reading Ballers split