Spun: POD

By Logan Niehaus

Music can create three perceptions: overwhelming joy, undeniable hate or a middle ground where the sounds can be appreciated with time. POD’s new album Testify sort of falls in the latter.

Widely known for their reggae-rock sound, with Testify POD take a different approach while trying to maintain some consistency. For three quarters of the album this holds true but for the other quarter you’re left wondering what to think. Songs like “Roots in Stereo” and “This Time” instill old POD ways, while songs like “Teachers” and “Say Hello” struggle to leave any mark. Some would argue these select songs are a way of exploring creativity but they come across as out of place.

Quite simply, Testify is a decent album brought down by a few tracks feeling more like filler than anything else. With time you really start to appreciate the work put into most of the album but when it’s all said and done, a dry taste produced by inconsistency and laziness lingers.