Ratings? We don’t need no stinking ratings!

By Chris Beauchamp

When the Maclean’s university rankings are published each November, a number of things invariably follow. Universities on the lower end of the scale will criticize the process. Most of those coming out on top will be heralding the quality of education at their institutions. Meanwhile, prospective students are left scratching their heads, not sure what… Continue reading Ratings? We don’t need no stinking ratings!

Dinos star soars to Austria

By Jon Roe

Decorated Dinos track star Jessica Zelinka will be returning to Austria to represent Canada in the Hypo Bank Invitational. This will be Zelinka’s second invitation to the annual event held in the city of Gotzis, and only the fourth time for a Canadian woman. Though an experienced athlete, Zelinka admitted there was an intimidation factor… Continue reading Dinos star soars to Austria


By Ryan Pike

1963: X-Men #1 published featuring initial roster of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and a non-furry Beast, led by Professor X pitted against Magneto 1970: With sales in the toilet, Uncanny X-Men series reverts to reprinting old X-Men stories with issue #67. Predictably, sales get worse. 1974: Wolverine debuts in Incredible Hulk #181 wearing a… Continue reading X-Primer

The Irredeemable X-Men

By Kyle Francis

In 1963, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby stumbled onto the ultimate nerd cashcrop: a comic book about a group of teen superheroes who were hated and persecuted because no one understood them. Real life angst-ridden teens, pissed off at those who don’t understand them, have flocked to comic book stores across the world for their… Continue reading The Irredeemable X-Men

U of C honours fallen soldier

By Emily Senger

Last week, the war in Afghanistan, thousands of kilometers away, hit closer to home.Captain Nichola Goddard, daughter of University of Calgary associate dean of education Tim Goddard, was killed in combat Wed., May 17 about 25 kilometers west of Kandahar.The 26-year-old soldier also left behind her mother Sally Goddard, her husband Jason Beam and two… Continue reading U of C honours fallen soldier

Of mice and breasts

By Sarah Malik

It’s difficult not to catch the contagious excitement in Dr. Leo Behie’s face and gestures as he explains the revolution in cancer research and the part the University of Calgary is playing in it. Behie is a member of a U of C research team who have discovered a way to replicate cancer stem cells,… Continue reading Of mice and breasts

University signs $40 million deal with Xerox

By Rebecca Pfliger

The University of Calgary officially privatized another university department last week, dubbed the IMAGinE project.The U of C signed a $40 million, seven-year contract with Xerox Canada to revamp all printing, scanning, storage and document creation services on campus. The deal is expected to save the U of C $13.8 million over the length of… Continue reading University signs $40 million deal with Xerox

Maclean’s Denied

By Emily Senger

In 2004 the University of Calgary was ranked dead last out of 46 participating schools in the first Maclean’s graduate survey. This year won’t be a repeat performance, because this time around the U of C isn’t participating. The U of C, along with the University of Alberta, the University of Lethbridge and about half… Continue reading Maclean’s Denied