Spun: Angela Desveaux

By Stephanie Mamayson

From a city not known for its burgeoning country music scene comes the Montreal-born Angela Desveaux, whose debut album Wandering Eyes helps break the stereotype.

As calming as yoga without the flexibility and sweat, Angela Desveaux instantly puts listeners at ease with her twist on country-light, making it mainstream friendly. Fusing country music with indie rock, Wandering Eyes is an appealing mix of songs with a folk feel. The traditional twang of the appropriately named, “Familiar Times” conjures up images of stereotypical gingham skirts and well-worn Wranglers while the darker, “If Only” speaks of social consciousness and understanding. The album runs the gamut, with a little something for everyone, while still maintaining its country roots.

Unfortunately, Desveaux is a little too unassuming and the tracks are overly similar. Poetic, bleeding-heart lyrics are lost in the simple music. But, like putting on toasty socks fresh out of the dryer, it’s nearly impossible not to smile and feel all warm and cozy while listening to the sugary vocals. Though sometimes too soft and pretty to be thoroughly enchanting, overall Wandering Eyes is a charming first album.

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