Photo to the Editor: Zoom zoom!

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This Week On The Internet: Waste a semester on Facebook!

By Ændrew Rininsland

Anyone who’s anyone has a Facebook account. Some people use it to plan events, some use it to share photos, others use it to connect to people they haven’t seen since grade school and still others use it as The Ultimate Stalker Toolkit™. Regardless, the vast majority use it as the most effective method of… Continue reading This Week On The Internet: Waste a semester on Facebook!

Spun: Amy Winehouse

By Garth Paulson

The U.K. has been going ga-ga for Amy Winehouse for a few years now. Apparently, her sultry, swear-filled ballads and drunken antics have proven irresistible to both the tabloids and the ears of British listeners. Her sophomore album, Back to Black, proves all the hype directed towards Winehouse’s music is deserved, though somewhat misplaced. Quite… Continue reading Spun: Amy Winehouse