Spun: Hunter Valentine

By Ryan Pike

Nobody really knows what the heck Hunter Valentine means. The explanation on the band’s website creates more ambiguity than it dispels. Despite the confusion surrounding their nomenclature, Hunter Valentine’s full-length debut, The Impatient Romantic, is a remarkably defined first effort. Bolstered by superb vocals from singer/guitarist Kiyomi McCloskey and music as competent as a three-piece… Continue reading Spun: Hunter Valentine

Chiodos’ great escape

By Janice Tran

Sex life getting a little boring? Spice it up by dressing up like a friendly woodland creature and nailing a swinger! ‘Furries’ are topping the list of new, ultra-weird fetishes that have recently caught the world’s attention with their strange, adorable, attire. “I saw an MTV True Life on Furries,” says Matt Goddard, basist of… Continue reading Chiodos’ great escape

The Prince returns

By Kevin de Vlaming

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords is the ideal game for anyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to be a stealth ninja with mad monkey-like agility. Rival Swords, for the PlayStation Portable, is a port of Prince of Persia: the Two Thrones, previously released for XBox, PS2, PC, and GameCube. The game draws… Continue reading The Prince returns

Hot Fuzz: Hot awesome!

By Hoang-Mai Hong

It seems that it takes foreigners to re-invigorate the sad-sack American parody film, and then make it decidedly British. Makers of the Movie movies take heed: as long as there are Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright–the people who brought us the brilliant zombie romantic-comedy Shaun of the Dead­–your soulless, money-grubbing, laugh-free fare looks all the… Continue reading Hot Fuzz: Hot awesome!

Social Distortion: Still rocking after all these years

By Kevin de Vlaming

The name Social Distortion resonates with many scene-savvy North American punks as a legendary act to which many punk artists today owe their sound. The California-based four-piece has been around since 1978, with frontman and legacy-unto-himself Mike Ness being the only original member still making music with the band. Despite being several generations removed from… Continue reading Social Distortion: Still rocking after all these years

Canada: worse than Fiji

By Ryan Pike

Ninety years ago, Canada’s victory at Vimy Ridge seemingly solidified the role of the Canadian military in the world. The recent announcement of six more fatalities in Afghanistan, bringing the death toll to 51, has caused many Canadians to question that role. The questions raised when Canada committed troops to the mission in 2002 have… Continue reading Canada: worse than Fiji

The WRC is the place to be

By Joelle Robichaud

In today’s society, feminists are criticized for living in the past and fighting a lost cause. Sufragettes originally fought for equality and voting, and now that those battles have been won, feminism no longer has meaning. The opening of the Women’s Resource Centre at the University of Calgary has garnered attention from critics–who need to… Continue reading The WRC is the place to be