Letter: Jesus no joke

By T. Young

Editor, the Gauntlet, I am just wondering how it is possible to publish something that is so incredibly offensive in a campus newspaper. Obviously, the person writing [the joke],”Why doesn’t Jesus play hockey? Because he always gets nailed to the boards!” Has no moral or ethical compassion whatsoever. How do you justify publishing something that… Continue reading Letter: Jesus no joke

Editorial: Parting shots

By Chris Beauchamp

Most writers strive for a certain ideal whenever they sit down to pen something for a mass audience. It should be poignant, relevant and peppered with a smattering of humour. It should open people’s eyes, or at least make them nod their head in agreement.Ironically, these ideals can sometimes coalesce into a crippling wall of… Continue reading Editorial: Parting shots

SU Reviews: Shannon O’Connor, VP academic

By Sara Hanson

As vice-president academic, Shannon O’Connor is in charge of four academic commissioners as well as the 13 faculty representatives who make up the Students’ Academic Assembly. Although O’Connor claims her greatest weakness this year was taking on too many projects, she used her commissioners and faculty reps effectively for support. O’Connor’s focus on teaching improvement… Continue reading SU Reviews: Shannon O’Connor, VP academic

A year’s worth of news in review

By Natalie Vacha

Federal budget good for students A $3.2 billion government-spending package to create a “knowledge advantage,” was announced Tues., March 20, and included an additional $800 million in funding for post-secondary education. The package included increased funding to graduate programs, elimination of limits on education savings plans, millions in research money and support for international students.… Continue reading A year’s worth of news in review