Spun: Hunter Valentine

By Ryan Pike

Nobody really knows what the heck Hunter Valentine means. The explanation on the band’s website creates more ambiguity than it dispels. Despite the confusion surrounding their nomenclature, Hunter Valentine’s full-length debut, The Impatient Romantic, is a remarkably defined first effort.

Bolstered by superb vocals from singer/guitarist Kiyomi McCloskey and music as competent as a three-piece can get, Hunter Valentine establish themselves as a solid addition to the ranks of all-girl rock groups. However, despite opening the album with the line, “let’s not be typical,” Hunter Valentine sort of is. McCloskey and her pals bust out a series of energetic songs, none of them particularly distinct from those that come before. The notable exception is the album-closer, “Judy,” in which the trio slows things down and softens up, allowing McCloskey the rare opportunity to sing rather than shout over the music.

Produced by Julius Betty, architect of albums by Alexisonfire and City and Colour, The Impatient Romantic is a strong first showing. What remains to be seen is if Hunter Valentine can follow up on it.

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