Tomfoolery, theme parks and Charles Dickens

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Despite finding him to be basically unreadable, I am sickened by the news that a theme park based on the work of Charles Dickens has just been opened. That’s right, a theme park–described by some as being like Disney only dimly lit and painted brown–opened May 25 in Chatham, England, supposedly evoking the world which… Continue reading Tomfoolery, theme parks and Charles Dickens

Editorial: Hey, young people! Get sexing!

By Ryan Pike

This past week, the Canadian dollar continued its resurgence and reached its highest trading levels in over three decades. The revitalization of the Canadian economy is tied in large part to petroleum, a non-renewable resource. The continued growth of the economy is inextricably tied to a renewable one as well: children. Unfortunately, experts are fretting… Continue reading Editorial: Hey, young people! Get sexing!

Gender and homelessness

By Katy Anderson

At a time when Calgary is experiencing record numbers in homelessness, many Calgarians are concerned that we need to deal with men and women’s homelessness issues separately. A book reading of All Our Sisters, a story of homeless women across Canada by Susan Scott, took place at the University Bookstore on Mon., May 28. Scott… Continue reading Gender and homelessness

Chinese exchange programs in U of C’s future

By Sara Hanson

As China’s economy continues to experience unprecedented growth, the University of Calgary has decided to contribute its two cents. Earlier this month, U of C vice-president research and international Dr. Dennis Salahub travelled to China with Advanced Education minister Doug Horner to develop exchange programs with selected Chinese institutions. Salahub first visited Bejing to renew… Continue reading Chinese exchange programs in U of C’s future

Campus Security hijinks

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Chartwells unintentionally aided small-time crime around Calgary, a student assaulted his partner when a project went wrong, and Bermuda Shorts Day came off without a hitch in the April Campus Security report. A Chartwells van was stolen from the Dining Centre loading dock and subsequently used as a veritable battering ram, driving through the walls… Continue reading Campus Security hijinks

Golden Goyette gets the gig

By Garth Paulson

The University of Calgary has added to its already impressive list of Olympic glory with the hiring of three-time Olympic medalist in women’s hockey and eight-time world champion Danielle Goyette as the new coach of the Dinos women’s hockey team. When not representing Canada in international tournaments, Goyette was a member of the Calgary Oval… Continue reading Golden Goyette gets the gig

Poignant-yet-predictable playoff prognostications

By Jon Roe

Make no mistake, the Ottawa Senators are the best team left in the playoffs, and they have been the best team since their opening round brush-off of the pesky Pittsburgh Penguins. With their top three scorers placing among the league’s top four in scoring, timely goaltending from Ray Emery, and only three losses hung on… Continue reading Poignant-yet-predictable playoff prognostications

Stupid white men vs. biased white filmmakers

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Is militant movie-maker Michael Moore a journalist? This question could be dismissed as irrelevant by some if it wasn’t his best chance of avoiding jail. The not-quite-recondite issue of the United States’ absurd health care system is the subject of his newest film, Sicko, some portions of which were filmed in Cuba, landing him in… Continue reading Stupid white men vs. biased white filmmakers