Not the face of Canadian identity

By Sara Hanson

In anticipation of Canada’s 140th birthday on Jul. 1, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation decided to find out what Canadians would like to change about their nation. Rather than using traditional journalistic techniques–such as going out and interviewing random samples of Canadians–Canada’s public broadcaster decided to experiment with new technology and create a group on Facebook,… Continue reading Not the face of Canadian identity

The wrath of grapes

By Cam Cotton-O'Brien

France is facing a strange terrorist threat as disgruntled wine farmers decide to get heavy. The wine farmers have organised themselves into a group known as the Crav with the express purpose of forcing newly-elected French president Nicholas Sarkozy to raise the price of wine. They claim the current cost of wine is too low… Continue reading The wrath of grapes

Letter: Climatolicious!

By Dr. Rob Stewart

Editor, the Gauntlet, Kudos to Mr. Sieppert for engaging in the climate change discussion and providing his views on university education [Bruce Sieppert, “Fact or Fiction?” Apr. 6, 2007]. We believe that both are of critical importance. As H.G. Wells said, “human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” Mr. Sieppert’s… Continue reading Letter: Climatolicious!

Spun: Handsome Furs

By Garth Paulson

As a genre, indie rock isn’t known for its subtlety. Instead, it usually goes straight for the jugular in a desperate attempt to leave an impression and move a few units. A prime example of the approach is Wolf Parade’s 2005 debut album, Apologies to the Queen Mary, which was ferocious in its immediacy. A… Continue reading Spun: Handsome Furs