Web Exclusive: Film Review: The Contract

By Ryan Pike

The post-9/11 world is an uncertain place, with political motivations tinting every action, resulting in rampant government distrust. This feeling has also permeated popular culture, with Hollywood promptly producing a series of politically-charged thrillers that have challenged the status quo. Like the majority of films, though, not all political thrillers are created equal. The Contract,… Continue reading Web Exclusive: Film Review: The Contract

Editorial: It’s like Red Dawn all over again

By Ændrew Rininsland

Hold on tight, kids, the Russkies are coming! Earlier this week, the Russian mini-submarines Mir-1 and Mir-2 completed their dangerous trek to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean to plant a rust-proof titanium flag beneath the North Pole. Russia has been claiming ownership of the region since 2001, and it’s not just political posturing. Many… Continue reading Editorial: It’s like Red Dawn all over again

Dinos Footballers gear up for the new season

By Jon Roe

University of Calgary Dinos head football coach Blake Nill sees a winning team in this year’s roster.Though the Dinos finished 2-6 last season, there were some highlights, including a surprising 30-27 victory over the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and quarterback Dalin Tollestrup winning the Peter Gorman trophy as rookie-of-the-year in Canadian Interuniversity Sport football.… Continue reading Dinos Footballers gear up for the new season

Spun: Hot Little Rocket

By Ryan Pike

Being in a band in Calgary hasn’t always been the greatest career choice. The city’s music scene isn’t as well-known as Montreal’s or Vancouver’s and as a result many bands have to leave town to get their big breaks. Now that the Calgary scene is starting to get more attention, local bands like Hot Little… Continue reading Spun: Hot Little Rocket

Spun: Interpol

By Ændrew Rininsland

Interpol seemingly became a big deal out of nowhere, emerging from the glut of sound-alike New York bands by merging the post-punk influences of bands like Joy Division and the Happy Mondays with modern equipment and production techniques along with a fresh indie sound. Their latest, Our Love to Admire, continues the band’s slow and… Continue reading Spun: Interpol

Spun: The White Stripes

By Ryan Pike

It’s awfully difficult to follow up a great album. Expectations are sky-high and oftentimes the next album is nowhere near as good. The White Stripes’ past two albums–2003’s Elephant and 2005’s Get Behind Me Satan–won Grammys. The band’s sixth full-length, Icky Thump, took the longest of any White Stripes album to record–three whole weeks–but ultimately… Continue reading Spun: The White Stripes

Fringe Fest offers cutting-edge performances

By Stephanie Mamayson

The city boasts a vibrant festival scene, ranging from the über-country Calgary Stampede to the Dragon Boat Festival. However, for those who are looking to dabble in a little bit of everything, the Calgary Fringe Festival may be just the ticket. Fringe festivals occur all over the globe, with the inaugural event taking place in… Continue reading Fringe Fest offers cutting-edge performances

Film Review: Damon’s Ultimatum has licence to kill

By Ryan Pike

In 2002, spy films were in dire straits. The once-benchmark Bond franchise had wasted away, delivering a horrid offering entitled Die Another Day to commemorate the series’ 40th anniversary and 20th film. As the vultures seemingly circled over Bond’s corpse, two heirs fought for Bond’s throne: XXX was an invincible force with seemingly no plan,… Continue reading Film Review: Damon’s Ultimatum has licence to kill

Hockey hi-jinks

By Daniel Pagan

Better than the Stampede? If anyone can believe the CJSW festivals coordinator Rich Larson’s bold statement, Slurpee Cup X will be this year’s greatest outdoor show on Earth, with scenesters shining up both their hockey sticks and their jock straps in anticipation. The shenanigans will commence at 11 a.m. Sat., Aug. 18 at the University… Continue reading Hockey hi-jinks

Cursory chemicals

By Katy Anderson

Mayoral candidate Alnoor Kassam wants pesticides used for exclusively aesthetics banned. “[The by-law] would ban unnecessary use of pesticides,” said Kassam’s policy advisor Kyle Olsen. “Necessary use would be to get rid of mosquitoes to combat West Nile virus, because that’s a risk to human health, or to put chlorine in pools to get rid… Continue reading Cursory chemicals