Hollywood does philosophy

Hot-like nearly a decade later hot-on the coattails of the phenomenally successful first matrix movie, The Matrix, Hollywood has pulled its collective head out of its ass just long enough to see that a little philosophy can go a long way in the picture shows. Having voted and unilaterally declared Descartes passe, however, the Illuminati… Continue reading Hollywood does philosophy

Sit tight ícause the revolutionís on its way

By Christian Louden

In the old days, staying home and playing on your computer on a Friday or Saturday night was considered anti-social. With the advent of social networking sites, spending countless hours on websites like Facebook or MySpace has become socially acceptable. Still, there’s an element missing in these sorts of websites-the ability to wander around and… Continue reading Sit tight ícause the revolutionís on its way

A look at ballroom dancing

By Amanda Hu

Ballroom dancing is one of the oldest activities to ever be new again. The long-standing activity has made a resurgence into modern times and popular culture as a new social environment, a more competitive style called DanceSport and as inspiration for reality television shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can… Continue reading A look at ballroom dancing

Hockeysaurs are roarin’ to go for the season

By Alyzee Sibtain

The University of Calgary men’s hockeysaurs headed to Saskatchewan for the Huskie Hockey Classic, a six team, two day tournament held at Saskatoon’s Jemini Arenas Sep. 21-22. The Dinos, Manitoba Bisons, Regina Cougars, Saskatchewan Huskies, Alberta Golden Bears and SAIT Trojans all competed in the tournament. The match-up was yet another indication of the improvement… Continue reading Hockeysaurs are roarin’ to go for the season