Spun: Gonzales

By Amanda Hu

Though recycling trends is not a new idea, most usually stick to one and go with it, at least as far as albums are concerned. Long-time Feist collaborator Gonzales doesn’t seem to believe in this method, offering up a haphazard mix of genres and ’70s and ’80s pseudo-throwback tracks on his latest album, Soft Power.… Continue reading Spun: Gonzales

Spun: Hey Rosetta

By Jordyn Marcellus

There’s apparently a firm tradition among people from smaller towns in Newfoundland. Whole hoards of friends and family go to the beach, start a fire and play music using whatever instruments available, all for the sake of having a good time. St. John’s outfit Hey Rosetta’s sophomore effort is evocative of one of these late… Continue reading Spun: Hey Rosetta

Spun: Carpenter

By Paul Baker

In the early years of their existence, Vancouver farm-core band Carpenter was often defined by its members’ previous projects–All State Champion, By A Thread, Daggermouth and Speaking of Heroes. With their third record and first full-length, Law of the Land, they’ll be able to start trading on their own name. Like the group’s previous two… Continue reading Spun: Carpenter

A very musical ramblin’

By Jordyn Marcellus

Retro-chic is all the rage right now. Saturday morning cartoons like GI Joe and Dragon Ball Z are being remade into live-action movies, often more for the adults than their kids. Brands like American Apparel are exploiting all those once-horrendous fashions from the ’80s for the 20-somethings who barely lived through the decade. It’s more… Continue reading A very musical ramblin’

Let’s play a little game of snakes and aliens

By Jordyn Marcellus

It’s been almost 20 years since Harrison Ford cracked the whip and donned his trademark fedora as Indiana Jones. Fans, who were entranced by Ford’s rugged and manly, yet thoroughly intellectual portrayal of Jones, have been eagerly chomping at the bit for a new film to wet their whistle. With everyone worrying about the quality… Continue reading Let’s play a little game of snakes and aliens

Underground artists inspire intrigue

By Amanda Hu

Delivering a new and far more literal meaning to the term, “underground cinema,” La Mexicaine de Perforation has inspired intrigue and confusion since its public discovery in 2004. The elusive group has performed various acts of clandestine artistry throughout Paris, managing to set up an entire functioning film theatre in the abandoned caverns below the… Continue reading Underground artists inspire intrigue

News for the unnewsed

By Morgan Haigler

Phoenix lands NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander landed and began transmitting images back this week following a 10-month journey to Mars. Launched Aug. 2007, Phoenix was designed to study the geological history of Mars and search for evidence of a habitable zone in the planet’s soil. Although its mission is slated to last for 92 days,… Continue reading News for the unnewsed

Students fixing schools in Ghana

By Sarelle Azuelos

In only four weeks time, 20 Canadian students will head off to Africa in an attempt to help fix the ailing Ghanaian education system. The students are traveling for six weeks with the World University Service of Canada. WUSC spokesperson Emily Chartrand explained the organization was a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions that came… Continue reading Students fixing schools in Ghana