CJSW annual funding drive begins again

By Morgan Haigler

After bringing 53 years of diversity, culture and a collection of sound to the ears of radio listeners, CJSW will launch its 24th funding drive this Friday at 9 a.m. Some perks for those donating include new swag, live bands and a $25 Friends of CJSW card which gives people discounts at select Calgary businesses.

The funding drive is expected to generate about $200,000 in pledges this year, which will go towards equipment and space volunteers need. While half of CJSW’s budget comes from an undergraduate student levy at the University of Calgary, the other half comes from its listeners.

“When people support CJSW through the funding drive, they know that they’re actually supporting the diversity,” said CJSW station manager Chad Saunders. “They don’t have to worry about us running soda pop commercials to try to make ends meet. The types of commercials that we do run on CJSW are ones that let people know what is happening in the community and what festivals are going on.”

Ultimately, the station would like to move from its crowded downstairs office to the third floor of the MacEwan Student Centre, not far from NUTV’s office by next spring. Saunders believes a more convenient location will attract more people.

“It’s not like we haven’t been working hard to make the expansion happen and we have just sat on the money and did nothing with it,” said Saunders. “If they want to come down here they can see [the construction plans] but hopefully when we’re in the new space they’ll see it even more.”

Saunders noted that CJSW has come a long way since its first funding drive raised $10,000 in 1984. He hopes that by acknowledging the dedication of the CJSW team, the station can spark more community interest.

“There is only four paid staff here at CJSW,” said Saunders. “When you compare what our costs are for each year sometimes that’s what you would pay for a high profile morning host for half a year.”

The funding drive ends Oct. 31.

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