The joy of dating guitar players

By Roman Auriti

You’d think that with all this balmy autumn weather that Calgary’s been having, everything else would start heating up as well, like anxiety regarding midterms or wallets burning up in preparation for the long reading week ahead. Perhaps a few hearts could be burning as well. Finding love is never out of season. Think about how hot things can get between you and your partner during the freezing months. Imagine you and your date setting the ice on fire at the Olympic Oval. Now imagine your date strumming his or her favourite love song and how much better this is. Dating someone who plays a guitar is far superior to going out with someone who doesn’t, so don’t worry if you aren’t going out with anyone yet, because this makes you eligible for the love of a lifetime.

It may seem like guitarists are more difficult to approach than ordinary people. But, actually, they are easier to talk to than anyone else. All you have to do is ask what kind of music they’re into. If their tastes are similar to yours, you have a match, and from there, getting a date is as easy as asking if they could play a song for you. If you think about it, guitarists spend a lot of their free time simply hammering and pulling away. This means that they’ll have a lot of time for you too.

There are an infinite number of reasons why you should date someone who plays the guitar. First of all, there isn’t a better way to spark a romantic moment than by playing a gorgeously romantic tune. What’s even better is that it doesn’t matter which love song you choose to play. As long as there’s music that one of the two of you is making, the moment will heat up quickly.

Who doesn’t want to hold onto strong fingers during the cold winter months? If you go out with a guitarist this is exactly what you’ll get. Those strong fingers will keep yours warm and probably fill your imagination with a number of fun experiments that the two of you can do later.

Guitarists are also really easy to buy presents for during Christmas and it’s always great when you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a present to give to your newfound girlfriend or boyfriend. All you need to do is take a trip down to Axe Music– or whichever music store is close to you– and buy them some brand new Elixir strings. Every guitarist loves those.

Even though they seem to be loved plenty by their instrument, guitarists need love too. With all of the reasons why you should date a guitarist in mind, go out there and get that special guy or girl to play a love song for you.

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