Online Only – Social networking for a cause

By Daniel Pagan

Social media is spreading like an infection among politicians, journalists, students and now local non-profit organizations have the fever too. Social media shares information by incorporating social networking and technology together- like Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook. Due to popularity and the ease of setting up an account, the Calgary Humane Society, Calgary Reads and… Continue reading Online Only – Social networking for a cause

Online Only – Video games surviving the recession

By Andrew Swan

The next few years are going to be very interesting for the video game industry. Amid uncertain economic times, gaming has continued to generate substantial sums of money and part of this success comes from sophisticated business operations. But what can be expected for the industry in the future?The University of Calgary’s Association for the… Continue reading Online Only – Video games surviving the recession

Born free, but not in Florida

By Meagan Meiklejohn

Man’s best friend or biggest burden? Being a pet owner can be an entertaining and rewarding experience. Not only does caring for another teach responsibility, but it can provide a number of laughs along the way. However, being a domestic pet owner is much different than owning an exotic, or non-native, species. Oftentimes, as these… Continue reading Born free, but not in Florida

Harper’s hand in the jar

By Tyler Wolfe

Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black . . . figures. Last week, Harper publicly defended his government’s decision to reduce the Goods and Services Tax from its initial seven per cent to five per cent as a crucial measure to stimulate growth in our suffering economy. This statement was in response to criticism of the… Continue reading Harper’s hand in the jar

The future of gaming: where the industry’s next steps should lead

By Andrew Swan

The need for innovation in the gaming industry was a major theme in many gaming publications’ years-in-reviews. Innovation, it was concluded, was needed to bring the industry out of a stagnant cycle and move it forward into new, uncharted territory. Not only was it recommended that game developers go out on a limb, it was… Continue reading The future of gaming: where the industry’s next steps should lead

Mind Fight: Should playground zones be abolished?

By Laura Bardsley

YesPlayground zones are silent schedule killers. The seconds drivers waste going 20 kilometres per hour slower than they need to could be better spent doing other things: buying coffee, reading Twitter posts, making more children. It’s an outrage that we even consider slowing down with all these other useful things that could be taken care… Continue reading Mind Fight: Should playground zones be abolished?

Proper conduct towards peace

By Katy Anderson

After reading about Israel Apartheid Week and other clashes between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel groups across Canadian campuses, my school spirit swelled a little after walking past a poster for Palestine Awareness Week. Earlier this year, police were called to escort Jewish students off of Toronto’s York University campus, after the students had taken refuge in… Continue reading Proper conduct towards peace

Thirsting after sanity

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Demonstrating that intellectual honesty isn’t necessary for international agreements, a majority of countries declined to acknowledge access to clean water as a human right at a United Nations meeting in Istanbul this past Sunday. At the conclusion of the fifth incarnation of the World Water Forum a majority decision was reached that access to clean… Continue reading Thirsting after sanity