Spun: Brasstronaut

By Laura Bardsley and Tristan Taylor

Brasstronaut’s mellow tunes are capable of taking you to outer space. It’s not easy to neatly organize this band into any one genre, as Brasstronaut sound more like a classically composed orchestra and less a motley of instruments that, when on paper, look more like they were found at a garage sale. The folksy charm of their intricate songwriting complements their talent as young artists. The use of non-traditional instruments such as the flugelhorn, as well as complicated drumming leaves the listener at ease in its splendor.

Edo Van Breeman’s soulful vocals send the listener back to a simpler time, when more focus was put on the meaning of the words rather than the ability of the words to be sung. The elegant piano accentuates both the horn and string instruments, compiling together a picture to make most amateur artists jealous. Their dystopian lyrics, mixed with Breeman’s captivating voice, calm and delight the senses.

Brasstronaut’s sound draws you a bubble bath, lights scented candles and then gives your ears the attention they deserve for 21.9 minutes.

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