SU Reviews: VP Operations and Finance Alex Judd

By Katy Anderson

If the Students’ Union was ruled by mythical creatures, then vice-president operations and finance Alex Judd would be a fairy. Much like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, the top job of the op-fi portfolio is often done behind the scenes.

Even though swashbuckling Pan gets the glory of defeating Hook, none of it would be possible without Tinkerbell and her fairy dust. Similarly, Judd rules out of the spotlight, yet her presence on the SU cannot be underestimated– Judd has done a magical job.

She was instrumental in re-evaluating how the SU is structured. While not glamorous work, a governance review is vital for the long-term vitality of the union. Challenging the status quo in any organization can be difficult, as members are often resistant to change and can be confrontational. Despite this, Judd was a leading voice asking tough questions like: How many VPs does the SU actually need? Should Student Academic Assembly members, the faculty representatives, be able to vote at the Student Legislative Council, the highest governing body of the SU?

When talking to Judd’s Lost Boys, er, commission, about her performance over the past year, they were overwhelmingly positive about her strong yet quiet leadership style, pointing to Judd’s dedication and preparedness. Commissioners did say she could have utilized them better, noting there were some initiatives the fledgling op-fis were unaware of and that other portfolios, such as the external team, seemed more cohesive.

Like a fairy who watches over an enchanted forest– or the tree houses of Never Never Land– Judd has also stayed strong to her roots. She focused on issues she presented in her platform, like increasing sustainable practices at the SU and focusing on how the internal structure of the organization could be more diverse and inclusive. Judd worked with university administration to implement a human rights policy and SU staff to craft a feasible plan to decrease waste within the organization. She also began initiatives within the wider university community such as My Market and Green Cafes.

More than anything, Judd’s work ethic and supportive demeanor has manufactured a performance any VP op-fi should be proud of– even without Tinkerbell’s trademark fairy dust.

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