Sidebar: Five things to do while on the island

By Jordyn Marcellus

1. Go to Tubby Dog. Look, if you’re running around Calgary, you’ll need some high fat food to get you through the day. Who knows if you can actually get the ubiquitous Tubby Dog when there’s a show going on, but at least the place is licensed — which you’ll need if you’re rocking out to Israeli brain-blasters Monotonix Friday, June 26.

2. Check out the Legion. The craziest, most balls-out shows happen at the Legion come Sled Island time. This year’s line-ups include the Rural Alberta Advantage, Japanther, King Khan and the BBQ show, Japandroids and Curtis Santiago. Plus, there are always secret “surprise guests” who inevitably blow away audiences.

3. Challenge yourself to some new music. You have a Sled Island pass. Check out your favourite acts once and then explore. Look for new bands and new musical groups that you haven’t heard before. Don’t like them? Head on out and find someone else. Since everything is downtown, it’s a quick bike ride to and from each location.

4. While you should check out bands you may not see for a long time, there are lots of awesome local groups playing this year. Local faves include BRAIDS, Indiensoci, Knots, Fox Opera and Dragon Fli Empire.You may have heard them, you may not have; but go and catch one of their shows. You won’t be sorry.

5. Meet some new friends! Hang out with some of Calgary’s biggest music geeks and talk about your favourite bands. Maybe you’ll end up start a band with some of them and play Sled Island 2010.

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