Vamps through the ages

By Jordyn Marcellus

It’d be an understatement to call vampires all the rage in 2009. The fanged phenoms have infiltrated young adult novels, television series and even the all-important tchotchke industry. For example, there’s can-based male sexual aids that look like vamp’s mouth and dildos that “sparkle in the sunlight” like a certain Twilight character would- if he… Continue reading Vamps through the ages

Photo: Tough Sledding

It’s been a rough return for the Dinos women’s hockey team. Since winning their first game back in Canadian Interuniversity Sport, they have yet to win again. They’ve lost five straight, including four matches at home. The Dinos played the University of Manitoba Bisons in two matches at the Olympic Oval and lost both by… Continue reading Photo: Tough Sledding

Rookie rocks

By Jon Roe

Rookie defensive linemen Linden Gaydosh has played every snap on defence for the Dinos football team this year. As an 18-year-old. This is somewhat unexpected. “I did not, I was expecting to fight a lot harder than I did right now,” he says. “It’s hard to believe he’s an 18-year-old kid who’s come in and… Continue reading Rookie rocks

Harle’s hoopsters take aim at season

By Noah Miller

Despite an impressive 2-1 result at this weekend’s University of Calgary Invitational, the Dinos women’s basketball team face a number of challenges in the season ahead. They downed the McMaster University Marauders 91-65 on Friday, lost to the University of Regina Cougars 92-79 on Saturday and managed to score a narrow 80-78 victory over the… Continue reading Harle’s hoopsters take aim at season

Let’s do the time warp: ’60s b-ball coach comes to town

By Jon Roe

The game of basketball has changed a lot in the four decades it’s been played at the University of Calgary. For former Dinos men’s basketball head coach John Dewar, the biggest difference is the size and speed of the players. “At that time, the best team we had was in 1966 and we had players… Continue reading Let’s do the time warp: ’60s b-ball coach comes to town

Now’s the time

By Jon Roe

The last time the Dinos men’s basketball team played a meaningful game, it was on the hard court of Scotiabank Place against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds in the national semi-finals in Ottawa in March. They had beaten the T-Birds a scant two weeks earlier to capture the Canada West conference crown for the… Continue reading Now’s the time

Spun: The Flaming Lips

By Jon Roe

The Flaming Lips have always ensured their albums were immaculately produced. Over the years, the band has developed a distinct sound of fuzzy guitars, electronic blips and beeps and off-kilter instrumentation. However, while all of these elements are present on their latest release Embryonic, it is clear from the start that this is a different… Continue reading Spun: The Flaming Lips

Spun: Hugh Dillon

By Alicia Ward

Works Well With Others has everything listeners need in a day: love, hate, carefree dancing and mellow tracks. Hugh Dillon, who wrote all the songs on Works Well, is clearly a budding lyrical genius. His lyrics offer straight to-the-point stories with just enough artistic flare to make a perfect listening experience. This album is not… Continue reading Spun: Hugh Dillon

Spun: Starvin Hungry

By Ken Hunt

The origin of Montreal group Starvin Hungry is a noteworthy fable indeed. It began in Toronto with John Milchem and his one-man band. Eventually Milchem teamed up with his identical twin brother Glen and shortly afterward with drummer Jon Card and bassist Nick Sewell. Milchem moved to Montreal in 2000, where Starvin Hungry’s audience grew.… Continue reading Spun: Starvin Hungry